Reserve a slot for your club or practice group for the entire season.

Or form a joint association with multiple clubs so that you can collectively book a practice slot.

Club slots, athletics

The club slots are reserved for the winter season 2023-2024 on weekdays from 18:00 to 19:30 and on Saturday mornings (but it is possible to reserve more time for club use!).

Only those who have been explicitly granted practice rights by the club/club association are allowed access to the club slots.

The club/club association slot is a way to ensure that the gym is occupied by a specifically defined group (so that training can be carried out both efficiently and safely).

The athletics hall is large and can easily accommodate up to 100 athletes!

Open training times at the athletics hall

All times that are not reserved for club slots are open training times.

Exceptions include hours/days when the facility is booked for a competition or event, or for corporate use, for example.

It is the responsibility of the athlete to check for any restrictions that may apply to a specific time!

Access to open training time can be obtained in several ways:

  • Monthly pass
  • One-time use
  • 10-session pass
  • Training group package

During open training times, all sports facilities are generally available. However, athletes practicing athletics have priority for the performance area.

During open training sessions, there may be a relatively large number of enthusiasts and trainees, and for the safety of everyone, each individual must be alert and careful, for example, not to step in front of a sprinter.

Note that the four running lanes are used counterclockwise, and the warm-up track outside this lane is used clockwise. Leave the outer lanes free for the fastest runners.

Pricing for Open Training Times
Monthly pass40 €25 €25 €
One-time use8 €6 €6 €
Ten-session card60 €40 €40 €

Preliminary Pricing for Training Groups at Open Training Times in The Athletics Hall
Henkilömäärä ryhmässäHinta
5 persons30 €/per session
10 persons55 €/per session
20 persons110 €/per session
30 persons170 €/per session

Use of the athletics hall for supplementary training

The athletics hall is well-suited for supplementary training in various sports. The 200m track allows for the development of running endurance and strength. The 60m straight enables speed training, power development, and acceleration through sprints. Rhythm and coordination can be enhanced with the use of hurdles.

The extensive testing equipment allows for versatile and comprehensive testing to support coaching in various ways:

  • Speed tests using a flying 20m measurement system
  • Acceleration tests using a stationary 20m measurement system
  • Endurance tests with the use of light gates
  • Explosive strength tests, including stationary high jump and long jump
  • Agility tests using light gates
  • Release tests in the form of shot put
  • Jump tests into the long jump pit

The strength training corner in the athletics hall allows for combined exercises that involve both running and strength training. The lighter technique bars in the strength training corner are excellent for young or novice strength trainees. The gymnastics rack and pull-up bars add variety to the training.

Reserve space for your team or training group during open training times in the athletics hall. Alternatively, obtain 10-session cards for the team or training group members to make supplementary training regular and productive. Enhance your supplementary training with coaching services provided by Kameleonten.

Supplementary Training in the Gymnastics Hall

EsTT organizes guided supplementary training with a focus on gymnastics for athletes from other sports.

Contact information
Riikka Saariaho

Ballcourt Bookings

Kameleonten offers 5 sports courts for club use, with three featuring Taraflex flooring and two equipped with wooden flooring.

Potential sports include floorball, handball, basketball, and volleyball.

The courts are suitable for both practice sessions and matches. Bleachers of reasonable size (150 – 400 spectators) can be installed in Courts 1 and 2.

The facility is well-suited for tournament use, allowing for multiple games to be played simultaneously on adjacent courts. Additionally, the venue can accommodate services such as catering for larger groups.

Reserve one or more regular slots for the entire season.

Contact us
Patrik Gustafsson
puh. 050 482 1727

For Businesses

There is space for various activities and events for your company and employees.

Throughout the day, it’s possible to try out multiple sports and even undergo physical fitness tests.

The package can include meeting rooms and catering, as well as coaching and guidance services.

Your company can also reserve a regular slot in one of the available sports facilities or offer employees other opportunities for regular physical activity.

Team Days – Employee Well-being – Occupational Well-being Activities (TYKY)

Contact us, and let’s tailor a package for you!

For Schools

For schools, there are versatile sports facilities available in a central location in Espoo.