Espoo Leppävaara


The location of the hall in Espoo is excellent for sports synergy – right next to Leppävaara Stadium. The new hall utilizes the sports park’s shared logistics solutions, parking spaces, and public transportation.

Reciprocally, Kameleonten serves in many ways for activities outside the hall within the sports park.

Kameleonten contributes to the already growing Leppävaara area and complements the offerings of the sports park. The whole facilitates diverse events, achieving strong synergy benefits in the area.

The Kameleonten hall athletics, gymnastics, and ball game halls, along with Leppävaara Stadium, cross-country skiing, and jogging terrains, form a perfect synergistic combination.

  • athletics and football stadium
  • multiple soccer fields
  • football hall
  • swimming pool and outdoor swimming facility
  • ice rink
  • jogging, skiing, and orienteering terrains
  • skate park
  • fitness curl
  • good parking possibilities

If and when a sports high school is established in Leppävaara, it will provide excellent operational conditions for the school.

Already now, in the nearby area, there are several schools, such as Leppävaara High School, Monikko School Center, Omnia, and Laurea.

Easy access to Kameleonten:

Easily accessible for everyone

  • Quickly accessible by car via major routes from four densely populated directions
  • Located near the Turku Motorway and Kehä 1. Within a 15-minute drive, there are 500,000 residents, and even Lohja or Kerava are only half an hour away by car
  • Excellent public transportation connections in Leppävaara: train, bus, Raide-Jokeri, and metro line through Raide-Jokeri
  • Even young people can get here without the need for parental transportation!

The Helsinki Metropolitan Area typically includes Helsinki, Espoo, Kauniainen, Vantaa, Kirkkonummi, Vihti, Nurmijärvi, Tuusula, Kerava, Järvenpää, Hyvinkää, and Sipoo. The combined population of these cities and municipalities is over 1.5 million.

By car, it typically takes about half an hour to reach Leppävaara from various parts of the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. From slightly farther locations such as Lohja, Riihimäki, Mäntsälä, and Porvoo, the travel time to Leppävaara is approximately 40 minutes.

Thanks to the extensive network of major roads, it is possible to reach the hall by car quite quickly from broader areas in Uusimaa as well

For the car, and especially the bus, it’s advisable to input the address Vanha Maantie 15 into the navigator. This will lead to the largest parking area, from where the hall, situated in the pedestrian area, is approximately 150 meters away.

At the parking area adjacent to Vanha Maantie, there are also parking spaces designated for charter buses.

Kameleonten’s official address is Monikonkatu 8, which should lead to the Vanha Maantie parking area. For service vehicles, navigate to the address Veräjäpellonkatu 17, through the swimming hall’s driveway.

Using public transportation, one can consider the approximately one-kilometer, or 15-minute, walk from Leppävaara station to Kameleonten hall as a light warm-up, with the return trip to the station serving as a cool-down. Of course, there are also bus options from Leppävaara station that can take you closer to the hall (stops along Vanha Maantie).

For comparison, here are the estimated public transportation travel times from various parts of the Helsinki metropolitan area to Leppävaara station:

From the direction of Vantaa using public transportation

  • Myyrmäki Station, Vantaa – Leppävaara Station 14 minutes
  • Tikkurila station, Vantaa – Leppävaara station 33 min
  • Kerava station – Leppävaara station 35 min
  • Järvenpää station – Leppävaara station 46 min
  • Hyvinkää station – Leppävaara station 57 min
  • Riihimäki station – Leppävaara station 60 min

From the direction of Espoo using public transportation

  • Otaniemi metro station, Espoo – Leppävaara station 11 min
  • Matinkylä metro station, Espoo – Leppävaara station 21 min
  • Kivenlahti, Espoo – Leppävaara station 34 min
  • Kauniainen station – Leppävaara station 8 min
  • Espoon keskus station, Espoo – Leppävaara station 9 min
  • Kirkkonummi station – Leppävaara station 25 min
  • Järvenperä, Espoo – Urheilupuisto station 20 min
  • Kalajärvi, Espoo – Urheilupuisto station 36 min

From the direction of Helsinki using public transportation

  • Pasila station, Helsinki – Leppävaara station 8 min

It can be seen that in about half an hour, one can reach Leppävaara from a very wide area using public transportation.

Public transportation connections

Leppävaaran aukio (HSL reittiopas)
Leppävaaran asema (HSL reittiopas)
Leppävaara, Turuntie bridge northbound (HSL reittiopas)
Leppävaara, Turuntie bridge southbound (HSL reittiopas)
Leppävaara sports park bus stop westbound (HSL reittiopas)

Leppävaara sports park bus stop eastbound (HSL reittiopas)

Turuntie bus stop eastbound closest to the sports park

Sports Arena

The sports hall was opened on August 1, 2023, and is in full use.

There are still some available time slots in various sports facilities, for example, for sports clubs. Contact us if you are interested. The facilities are available for use in the following ways:

  • Athletics (200m circular track and all performance areas)
  • Floorball / futsal / handball (3 courts)
  • Basketball (2 courts)
  • Gymnastics (High space, upper gallery, lower gallery)

The athletics hall in the sports complex operates on a similar logic to a swimming hall. With season and series passes, individuals can independently practice and engage in activities when the athletics hall is not reserved for club use (which is the majority of the time).

Basic principles of use

  • Entry is only through the main door, opposite Leppävaara Stadium
  • The so called dirty area which is the outdoor shoe area, is only in the café. After that, outdoor shoes are removed, and you proceed either with indoor shoes or in socks
  • Changing rooms are open and unlocked
  • There are lockable lockers in the hall for personal use with your own padlock.
  • Access control at the boundary of the hall, for example, you can freely enter the warm-up area
  • Parking spaces are shared with the sports park. Using a navigator, the address “Vanha Maantie 15” guides you to the parking lot, or “Veräjäpellonkatu 17
  • The sports park is an area for light traffic, so it’s about a 150-meter walk from the parking lot to the hall
  • Public transportation provides versatile access to Leppävaara city center, from where it’s a one-kilometer walk/jog to Kameleonten hall

Opening hours

The hall was opened for public use on August 1, 2023. It is possible to reserve training and competition sessions for a multitude of sports. It is also possible use the athletics facility (and court 3 and 4) during open training hours (most of the day) with one_time, serial or monthly tickets. Also, there is Espoo City’s gym available.

Exceptions for openings hours

  • 6.12.2023 (but there is an athletics competition)
  • 24.12.2023
  • 25.12.2023
  • 26.12.2023
  • 31.12.2023
  • 1.1.2024

Kameleonten Opening hours

Those who have booked a training session are during weekdays to leave the sports court by 22:00, allowing for a quick shower if necessary. Those who use one_time, serial or monthly tickets should during weekdays leave the court by 21:30.

During weekends both those who have booked a court, or are training independently, should leave the court by 21:00.


Often asked

Here you can find frequently asked questions and information about the hall

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