Track and field athletics

The athletics hall serves both club use and independent training and recreation (season and series passes). The hall can also be used for larger events.

Kameleonten’s goal is to address the indoor athletics situation in Espoo in the long term and, at the same time, build strong synergy with both the other spaces in the hall and the existing facilities and fields in the sports park.

The starting point for the design of the athletics hall was to enable smooth simultaneous use of athletics and ball sports.

The hall concept allows for the incorporation of small grandstands so that the hall is functional for both training and regional competition use. When larger competitions are held, portable stands can be placed on adjacent ball fields (for over 1000 spectators).

The athletics area has all the necessary facilities.

  • A 200 m circular running track (4 lanes) surrounded by a 220 m warm-up track
  • Indoors, there is a separate 60 m sprint straight (8 lanes, with the overall length of the indoor field being 80 m)
  • There are two long jump pits in the indoor field
  • In the indoor field, there are jumping areas for pole vault and high jump
  • In a separate throwing pit, there is a hammer throw cage, a medicine ball wall, and throwing areas for shot put, discus, and javelin
  • Strength training corner
  • Open areas for training

In a full-size athletics hall, training can be carried out that is impossible in a smaller space, where there may be only a sprint straight and a few performance areas. For example, a 200 m circular track enables the development of running power for athletes of all ages during the indoor season. The comprehensive range of event facilities provides the conditions for both versatile training and specialization in the desired sport.

An internationally standardized athletics hall is a regional resource in a country the size of Finland. In 2023, there were only 3 such halls in Finland (with an official 200 m circular running track)!

Improved training conditions

  • High-quality conditions promote the development of athletes
  • In Sweden, there are 30 athletics halls with a 200 m circular track. Results have been achieved there too!
  • Building and maintaining running power during the winter. Suitable for athletics training, as well as general fitness and supplemental training for other sports
  • Establishing a running foundation for children and youth

Local and regional resource

  • In a area with a population of at least 400,000, Kameleonten Hall serves excellently as the primary training facility
  • In an area with at least 1,000,000 inhabitants, Kameleonten Hall serves as a valuable regional resource
  • The difference between a local and regional training facility is the proportion of weekly training sessions conducted in the specific hall

Athletics hall with all its facilities requires a population base of over 500,000

  • These types of facilities, unfortunately, cannot be in every village!
  • For those coming from a distance, Kameleonten is a regional training resource where part of the weekly training is conducted

Training in a place with many other athletes is often beneficial; it is inspiring and allows one to learn from other groups and coaches. It also provides an opportunity to share one’s expertise for the benefit of the entire community.

Athletics hall, with ball game courts 3 and 4 in the background


Kameleonten has 3 floorball courts (Halls 2, 3, and 4), all equipped with a flexible floor and Taraflex mat. The main court (Hall 2) can accommodate 200-300 spectators with the help of portable stands.

For the other two courts (Hall 3 and Hall 4), spectators can be accommodated along the sides of the court (as in many other places). With special arrangements, the seating area can be expanded to some extent.

The main court (Hall 2) and the first side court (Hall 3) have dimensions of 40 m x 20 m, while the second side court (Hall 4) has playing area dimensions of 38 m x 20 m.

Hall 2 as viewed from the northeast corner


Kameleonten can be used for playing handball without resin on three courts. These courts are equipped with a sprung floor and Taraflex mat. There are 4 goals available.


In Kameleonten, futsal can be played on two courts (Hall 3 and 4). These courts are equipped with a sprung floor and Taraflex mat. There are 4 goals available.


In Kameleonten, there are two parallel full-size basketball courts (Hall 1-west and Hall 1-east) equipped with a wooden floor and protective areas (32 m x 19 m). The courts are suitable for both training and matches. Approximately 150 spectators can be accommodated in the portable stands along one side of the court, and there is room for spectators along the long side of the other court.

In Hall 1 West, there are 5 side hoops (in addition to the main hoops), and the side hoops allow for two parallel junior basketball courts.

In Hall 1 East, there are 2 side hoops in addition to the main hoops.

The basketball hall can also be used lengthwise, especially for game events. In this setup, there are larger safety zones around the basketball court, and there is ample space for both the audience (up to 400 spectators in portable stands) and additional activities related to the event.

Hall 1 West, viewed from the north


The gymnastics hall has international-level training conditions for TeamGym and trampoline gymnastics, as well as recreational conditions for artistic gymnastics and supplementary training. The gymnastics area consists of three sections:

1. The high hall

  • An area of about 1,200 m2 and a height of 8-10 m.
  • TeamGym equipment (Parquet, Trampette, Tumbling Track)
  • TeamGym training area (Fast Track, Air Track)
  • 4 competitive trampolines
  • DMT (Double Mini Trampoline)
  • 2 -sunken trampolines and foam pits
  • A warm-up and general training area

2. Upper Loft

  • Approximately 300 m2, height 4-5 m.
  • Flexible floor, trampoline track, parkour equipment, parallel bars, ropes, rings, etc.

3. Lower Loft

  • Approximately 300 m2, height 4 meters.
  • Furnished for recreational use in artistic gymnastics
  • Sunken trampoline and foam pit

The space will be used to organize “Leiki & Liiku” activities for preschoolers by Espoo Early Childhood Education and Espoo Sports & Exercise. For them, the space is furnished with small-sized gymnastics equipment and tools suitable for young children.

Most of the hours are already booked, but there are still some evening and weekend hours available for rent.


Kameleonten enables training and competition in goalball for the visually impaired. Kameleonten is not equipped with goalball goals.


In Kameleonten’s hall 4 (closest to the social facilities), it is possible to play volleyball on three courts. The playing area dimensions are approximately 22 m x 13 m. The courts are separated by a ball net, and the floor has flexibility with a Taraflex coating.

View from the northeast corner of Hall 4

Since the volleyball court only utilizes 1/3 of the area of Hall 4, the goal is to have all three sections in use. Parallel use could include activities like 3×3 basketball, floorball, special exercises for floorball, bodyweight strength training, volleyball, or any other way to make use of the 22 x 13 m space.

Hall 4 is primarily booked for use as a whole. Users can always use dividing nets to separate sections.

If you have a need for 1/3 of Hall 4, please contact us, and we’ll try to find others in the same situation!