In the hall, you can also practice independently: a variety of athletics in the athletics area, casual sports on the sports courts, and strength training in the gym!

Engage in activities at the new multi-sport hall in Leppävaara

Sports facilities for all residents (including non-residents) for exercise and recreation, even independently without club membership. Single-entry, series, and season passes allow access to facilities such as the athletics hall!

Kameleonten is a versatile multi-sport hall where you can find, among other things, a 200m circular track and all athletics facilities, indoor sports like floorball and basketball, artistic gymnastics, and strength training. All packaged in a cozy setting in the heart of Leppävaara Sports Park.

You can purchase season passes and series passes (including single-entry passes) by clicking the ‘BOOK A SLOT’ button at the top right or the ‘Purchase Tickets’ button below. Please note that all passes are bought through online payment (there is no cash desk at the facility)

Monthly and one-time use passes at Kameleonten

Here you can find the booking calendar and different pass options.

Kameleonten for Clubs: From Floorball to Athletics

Reserve a slot for your club or practice group for the entire season. Alternatively, form a joint association with multiple clubs so that you can collectively book a practice slot.

Explore the new hall and its versatile services

The Leppävaara Sports Park and its surrounding areas offer a wide range of activities for those who bring a group of children to the Kameleonten hall for sports.

The opportunity to find an available slot
places of use everyday
different multi-purpose spaces for hobbies
Excellent training opportunities

The new hall enables various sports comprehensively

The total area of the hall is 14,500 m². Sports hall facilities cover approximately 11,000 m². Fully available for athletes in September 2023.


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The perfect training space for you club

You can book a weekly training session for your club or team for the duration of the season. With regards to the Track and Field it is also possible to use open training times (using per time, 10-times och monthly subscriptions)  to enter the space individually or with a group, creating opportunities for efficient training.